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To graduate in France

Study in France, Top Overseas Education Consultants For France in Rajkot, Gujarat India

One of the most sought-after locations for overseas students is France. The excellent educational system, extremely cheap tuition, and the delightful French way of life are some of its main benefits. One thing is for sure: studying in France will be an amazing and transformative experience for you. The level of living there is exceptionally excellent.

Every taste is catered to in France,Top Overseas Education Consultants For France in Rajkot Gujarat India, and this extends beyond lovers of wine and cheese. You will be able to discover a destination that suits you, whether you want to be in a busy city, serene mountains, or on the beach in the Mediterranean. Paris has a distinct urban atmosphere inside a picturesque setting. Directly off the Mediterranean coast are Marseille and Montpellier, which have summer beaches. Edufleet is best France education consultants in Rajkot Gujarat India.

Required documents for France Visa application 

  • Passport with a validity of at least 6 months, with a minimum 2 blank pages.
  • 2 passport size colour photographs. (Photo Specifications)
  • Acceptance letter from the university where you intend to study in France, along with the course duration and dates from when the course will commence.
  • A print out of your Campus France ID number
  • Cover letter explaining your study project along with your CV.
  • Proof of sufficient funds to cover your tuition fee along with other costs of living in France.
  • Medical insurance proof with coverage valid in France.
  • Return flight ticket copy (if you are studying for 6 months or less in France)
  • OFII Form (Office Francais de Immigration et de Integration)
  • Academic Transcripts of your degrees, diploma, certificates etc.

The chance to learn French should not be missed, even if you are studying in France in English. Not only will you be able to communicate with over 270 million people across nearly 30 nations by learning a beautiful language, but you will also require some proficiency in French for daily tasks.

Experience the world class locations of France while studying and Have the Adventure you always wanted. We will be the guide for your educational journey, we at Edufleet Immigration, Rajkot can make your life adventurous.

Why study in France? Foreign Education Consultants 

  1. Up to 2 years of job seeker visa (APS – Autorisation provisoire de Séjour visa) 
  2. Quality Education
  3. Explore rich French Culture 
  4. Open Work Permit & a clear Path to PR 
  5. Indian Students enjoy Free Social Security Benefits 
  6. Free Medical, Subsidized housing, travel, food etc…under CAF & OFFII 
  7. After Master Degree student can apply for 5 year multiple entry visa too Olympic 2024 – 5 years assured work 
  8. Country is extremely aggressive & looking forward to welcome more Indian Students
  • Who can Apply?

looking for Quality education at a reasonable cost with long-term stay back options.With Average to Good English Proficiency  (MOI) IELTS –Not required   
  • With Average to Good Academic score
Above 50% in most cases suffices
  • With a budget of between 5 to 12 Lacs 
  • Can show Funds of around 8 to 10 Lacs
  • Popular Programs
  • Language and Literature Courses:
    • French language courses for international students.
    • Intensive language programs for proficiency.
    • Comparative literature and linguistic courses.
  • Business and Management Courses:
    • Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs.
    • Master’s in Management and specialized master’s programs.
    • Executive education courses for professionals.
  • Engineering and Technology Courses:
    • Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in engineering.
    • Computer science and information technology courses.
    • Programs in renewable energy and sustainable technologies.
  • Science Courses:
    • Physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics programs.
    • Environmental science and ecology courses.
  • Arts and Humanities Courses:
    • Literature, philosophy, and history courses.
    • Fine arts, performing arts, and visual arts programs.
    • Courses in cultural studies and language studies.
  • Social Sciences Courses:
      • Sociology, psychology, and anthropology programs.
      • Political science and international relations courses.
  • Medical and Health Sciences Courses:
    • Medicine, nursing, and healthcare administration programs.
    • Public health and biomedical sciences courses.
  • Law Courses:
    • Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in law.
    • International law and business law courses.
  • Hospitality and Tourism Courses:
    • Hotel management and tourism programs.
    • Culinary arts and gastronomy courses.
  • Environmental and Sustainability Courses:
    • Environmental management and sustainability programs.
    • Renewable energy and environmental engineering courses.

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